Caswell County Beekeepers Association Swarm Removal Listing

— Written By Sherry Ramsey

It is the beginning of swarm season!

Swarm Call List:  To help connect the public to a beekeeper, We are putting together a swarm call list on our CCBA website. If you are interested in being on the list, please fill out the online CCBA Swarm Removal Form at

How it works: When a person discovers a swarm on his/her property that needs to be removed, he/she will go to CCBA website at call a beekeeper on the list. The list will be sorted by location (where you live) to help point the person to the closest beekeeper. If that beekeeper isn’t available, another once can be chosen.

Assist/Observe:  For thoses interested in assisting or observing a beekeeper to catch a swarm, but do not want to be on the call list, please fill out the CCBA Swarm Assist/Observe Form at

This list will be provided to all of the beekeepers on the call list and encourage them to invite you or request your assistance (if conditions permit).

If you do sign up, please keep in mind that catching a swarm is time sensitive and quick action is needed!

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