Industrial Hemp Informational Session

— Written By Nate Bruce

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Caswell County Center is delivering an industrial hemp educational information session for interested growers. Two educational presentations will be given and snacks and refreshments will be provided.

The first presentation will be conducted by Ms. Emily Febles, North Carolina Industrial Hemp Program Coordinator. She was recently hired in her current capacity in September and is considered a national leader in industrial hemp policy. Prior to her current position, she previously served as the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program coordinator for the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Ms. Febles’ presentation will provide an overview of industrial hemp and will include specific emphasis on the North Carolina program and how to become a grower.

The second educational presentation will be given by Mr. Calvin Whitfield, Owner and Chief Operating Officer of Source Hemp North Carolina. Source Hemp North Carolina, located in nearby Roxboro (Person County), participated in the industrial hemp pilot program this past growing season and is considered a leader in the state for production of varieties with high concentrations of cannabinoids (CBD’s), a product used by the medical industry. Mr. Whitfield’s presentation will focus on Source Hemp North Carolina’s experience growing hemp varieties that are high in CBDs.industrial hemp planting

Space is limited to those who register. To register for the informational session, please contact North Carolina Cooperative Extension Caswell County Center at 336-694-4158 by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017.