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Ideas for "No-Cook" Food Bags

NC State Extension Disaster Preparedness Publications If you need to put together “no-cook” bags of food, consider the following items. …

Evacuation Disaster Kit

Evacuation Disaster Kit Disaster Preparedness Disasters happen anytime and anywhere. Is your family prepared to cope with an emergency? Could you …

Evacuating Safely

NC State Extension Disaster Preparedness Publications Before the Evacuation Has Been Announced Keep your radio on and listen to it. Figure out …

Cover photo for Let's Make Strawberry Jam

Let's Make Strawberry Jam

A Strawberry Jam class will be held on Tuesday, May 23rd in the Inspected Community Kitchen of Caswell. Please …

Cover photo for Waist Watchers

"Waist Watchers"

A weight loss and maintenance program designed for a healthier you!!! It is a program that will help you achieve …

Cover photo for Nickels for Know-How Vote

Nickels for Know-How Vote

Vote on November 1, 2016 here in the Caswell County Extension Center! Nickels for …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Flood-Damaged Furniture

This publication discusses how to possibly restore furniture, including antiques, damaged by floodwaters.

4 days agoDisaster Recovery
Pesticides on work clothing and protective gloves

Handling and Cleaning Up Damaged Pesticide Containers at Home

This publication offers guidelines if a recent storm resulted in water damage to a pesticide …

4 days agoDisaster Recovery

Controlling Damage in Pesticide Storage Facilities on the Farm

This publication for farmers covers the guidelines to deal with pesticide storage facilities that may …

4 days agoDisaster Recovery

Dealing with Potential Moisture Problems After a Flood

This publication covers potential moisture problems in attics, crawl spaces and walls after a flood …

4 days agoDisaster Recovery

Heat Stress Disorders

This publication offers safety tips and first aid procedures to prevent and treat heat stress …

4 days agoDisaster Recovery

Water-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

This publication offers general guidelines for cleaning or replacing flood-damaged carpets and rugs.

4 days agoDisaster Recovery

Eliminating Odors From Your Refrigerator

This publication offers tips to rid your refrigerator of odors after an extended loss of …

4 days agoDisaster Recovery

Choosing a Contractor

This publication offers tips on choosing a contractor for home repairs after an emergency or …

4 days agoDisaster Recovery